Thursday, June 25, 2020

Book Club: Book Review of Echoes Among the Stones

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"Do you believe grief can ruin lives?" So much grief in this story – from the distant past and the more recent past. Lost loved ones and lost jobs. The voices of our loved ones will always echo in our hearts after they have gone.

Text: Book Club: Book Review; cover of Echoes Among the StonesGrief and its impact are at the heart of Echoes Among the Stones by Jaime Jo Wright. Imogene Grayson takes the grief that enters her life in 1946 after the end of World War II with her to the present day. She discovered her younger sister Hazel's body in the attic bedroom and the scene was cemented in her mind. Imogene continues to press matters to try to find out who killed her sister. She even goes so far as to start working at the ammunition factory where Hazel had worked.

In the present day, Aggie Dunkirk has gone to live with her grandmother, Mumsie, in a small Wisconsin town as her life in the big city has fallen apart. Aggie was not ready for the series of problems – an eccentric grandmother, working at a cemetery, a break-in, roses left on a grave from the 1940s, and more. She never expected to find a dollhouse in her grandmother's house that recreates a murder scene. Among all this, Aggie is still suffering from the loss of her mother to cancer.

The characters that Jaime Jo Wright wrote about – Imogene, Sam, Ollie, Aggie, Collin – all came to life in the story. The story goes back and forth from 1946 to the present day as we see events unfold in the lives of Imogene and Aggie.

I chose to read Echoes Among the Stones as I was looking for books to read for the AtoZ Reading Challenge. I was looking through the authors I had Favorited in hoopla and came across this book by Jaime Jo Wright that I hadn't read yet. It was perfect for me to fulfill my letter E reading.

So far all of the books I have read by Wright, including The Curse of Misty Wayfair (which I have reviewed previously), have had a mystery woven into the tale. Readers travel from the present day to the past as they learn about events that impact all of the main characters. I really enjoyed finding out how Imogene and Aggie were connected. There was a slight romance (would Aggie and Collin end up together?) but it didn't overshadow the plotline. If you enjoy Christian fiction where the main characters struggle to find help and inspiration from God as they solve problems and mysteries in their lives, you may enjoy Echoes Among the Stones.

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