Thursday, January 9, 2020

Book Club: The AtoZ Reading Challenge for 2020

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(Update: The original site where I was linking up for the AtoZ Reading Challenge is undergoing changes.)

As someone who enjoys reading, I was very excited to see a challenge for 2020 from Ginger Mom & Company. They are hosting their 3rd Annual AtoZ Reading Challenge where participants are encouraged to read one book whose title starts with each letter of the alphabet over the course of the year. They are sharing a number of fun ways to participate from mini-challenges each month to a monopoly-style game to help you choose book titles.

In 2018, I shared my to-be-read list but I must admit that I never finished all the books on that list. I found that when I actually write a list of books down I have trouble sticking to it. I go to the library and find books that interest me so I put down the ones that I own to read the new book. Or an author I really enjoy publishes a new book and I choose that over one that has been sitting on my shelf for years. So while I do have a large to-read list on Goodreads, I don't have a set time frame for when I would like to finish them by.

I would love to write a post in which I say that all books that I read in the AtoZ Challenge will be from the historical fiction genre or from science fiction or fantasy. But I don't want to make any promises because I will probably veer off that path to read whatever I found interesting.

However, I do have a few goals and ideas of books that I would like to read this year, including the following:


Some of these sequels might also fall under the series category. It seems like most authors—if they write a sequel—often write at least three books.

Flight of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse

I read and reviewed Mark of the Raven, the first in The Ravenwood Saga, and I am looking forward to reading the sequel. I had purchased the book shortly after it was released in April but misplaced the book after it arrived. I finally found Flight of the Raven in late December and I am very excited to read it this year.


King's Blood by Jill Williamson 

A Mom's Quest to Teach: Book Club: The AtoZ Reading Challenge for 2020; Reading books all year long from A to Z!; logo for A Mom's Quest to Teach; logo for A to Zopoloy; clipart of booksI found Jill Williamson on Instagram when she and another author hosted several photo challenges when Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse was being released. I received the first book in her Safe Lands series for Christmas 2018 and then borrowed the first book in The Kinsman Chronicles series, King's Folly, through inter-library loan. I hope to purchase the series to own but for now I might have to borrow it through our library digitally.


The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by M. J. Thomas

Our son received the first three in the series by M. J. Thomas and I am looking forward to reading the books with him and his sister. They should prove to be good fun as we read about siblings Peter and Mary, their dog Hank, and their adventures in Bible history.

The House of Winslow Series by Gilbert Morris 

I first heard of this book through another blogger. I was very intrigued as the books are historical fiction—one of my favorite genres.

Other Books 

I have a wide selection of historical books both fiction and nonfiction that I would love to read this year. Very often I end up just using some of my nonfiction books to help prepare for teaching, homeschooling, and blogging but it would be nice to read them from cover to cover to see all they have to offer their readers.

Over the course of the year I will come back and link up my reviews for letters of the alphabet. I look forward to sharing 26 reviews with you in the coming months!

A – Book Review of The Art of Friendship
B – Book Review of Before I Called You Mine
C – Book Review of The Christian Entrepreneur 
D – A Daring Sacrifice (An Uncertain Choice, #2)  
E – Book Review of Echoes Among the Stones
F – Book Review of Fight Your Fears
G – Book Review of Graceling 
H – Book Review of The Hidden Message of the Great Seal
I – Book Review of Ishmael Covenant 
J – Book Review of Jesus Freaks
K –
L – Book Review of Line by Line
M – Book Review of More Than We Remember
N – Book Review of A Name Unknown 
O – Book Review of Ottoman Dominion 
P – Book Review of The Pursuit of God
Q – Questions God Asks by Israel Wayne 
R – Book Review of The Runaway Bride
S – Book Review of Stay 
T – Book Review of The Timepiece
U – Book Review of The Unexpected Champion
V – Book Review of Venturing with God in Congo
W – Book Club: The Worst Jobs in History
X – 
Y – York: The Shadow Cipher (in progress) 
Z –

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  1. I really like the later published Winslow books. I have not read the original older ones.

    1. I figured I would start with the ones that I could get at my library or on the digital library.

  2. I don't know any of those books and never line up the books that I plan to read. I very much just go with the flow. :)

    1. I still plan to go with the flow but I have several books I know I want to read so...better get started. :)

  3. What a great idea! I am looking at a reading challenge to get me reading more. I may not get all the letters of the alphabet, but I am going to try. Do kids picture books count? ;-)

    1. I believe they have a separate link-up for picture books. I have to look into that myself.

  4. Reading challenges are the best! These are some great choices. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This looks like fun. I would love to try it. Is there a link-up?

    1. Here is the post where you can link up any reviews that fit the challenge -

    2. Never mind - I went to the blog! :-) I think I'm going to start my own link-up for reading picture books through the alphabet.

    3. Thank you! I didn't see your reply before I replied back.