Monday, March 2, 2020

Book Club: Review of The Timepiece

Cover of The Timepiece; pocketwatch

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Perhaps you were wondering what happened to the Miller family after everyone in Hickory Hollow found out Ernest had been previously married before joining the Amish? In The Tinderbox, we read of Ernest, his first marriage, and how the secret he kept caused pain and growth for his immediate family and the Amish community. In this sequel, The Timepiece, Beverly Lewis focuses on the appearance of Adeline Pelham, Ernest's daughter by his first wife and how this impacts everyone.

cover of The TimepieceOver the course of thirty-nine chapters, we see how the arrival of Adeline impacts Ernest and his wife Rhoda, their daughter Sylvia, and the sons. Adeline agrees to stay with the Millers for a time before she needs to return for her college courses in Georgia. She asks a lot of questions to try to understand the Millers and the Amish in general. Sylvia also finds that— in forming a new relationship with her half-sister—she grows and changes occur within her immediate relationships.

A Page Turner 

Personally, I felt the story of The Timepiece flowed and was easy to read. The pace was smooth and I wanted to read the next chapter. I wanted to know how Adeline would react to attending Sunday service, if she would marry her fiancé, Brendon, and just who would Sylvia end up marrying herself? I enjoyed seeing Adeline grow closer to God and accept Jesus as she read the Gospel of John and her mother's own diary which spoke of her mother's spiritual journey. At one point, Adeline is driving to the Millers and is thinking about the life of Jesus. I loved that she had tears springing from her eyes as she thought about His Crucifixion. This touching reaction really brought her to life for me.

Beverly Lewis provided a nice conclusion to the story of the Millers, although she could go back and revisit them if she wanted to share the life of Sylvia or her brothers as they get older. I would recommend The Timepiece to readers who enjoy Christian fiction, stories set in the Amish community, or those seeking a comforting story of forgiveness and growth.

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  1. I love Beverly Lewis and I love reading Amish fiction! I haven't read this one, yet, but I will look for it at our library.

  2. I love Beverly Lewis, I will have to check this one out.

  3. for those who enjoy Amish fiction, this sounds like a good light romance. :)