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Book Club: Book Review of More Than We Remember

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Another wonderful work of contemporary fiction that I feel blessed to have read for review is More Than We Remember: A Novel by Christina Suzann Nelson. The lives of three women intersect during the course of one summer all because of one fateful event. Will they stay the same women they were before a tragic accident brings their lives together or will they "become who they were meant to be?"

A Page Turner 

Book Club: Book Review of More Than We Rememeber (book cover image and tree clip art; A Mom's Quest to Teach logo) "When one wreck impacts the lives of three women, can they become who they were meant to be?"From Chapter One when Deputy Emilia Cruz arrives upon the scene of a deadly accident to the final chapter where hope is breathed back into the lives of multiple families, More Than We Remember was truly a page turner. I chose to read Nelson's new book in the evenings before bed and each evening I struggled to put my bookmark in the pages of the 345-page paperback book. I wanted to see how Addison would handle her mother-in-law, what Brianne had discovered about an old case, and what changes were happening in the family of Emilia and Roger. Each character came to life and jumped off the page. I truly felt like I could connect with their lives as I read about Addison and Caleb's three children exploring their new hometown, Tally struggling with her stepfather's accident, and Brianne's growing relationship.

At the heart of the story is a car accident which left a woman dead and how Caleb Kilbourn's actions on that night impact the lives of his wife, Addison, his mother, Caroline, and their children, and even Brianne, their neighbor. Brianne had been facing her own tragedy and was trying to start a new life for herself when she found Addison and her family needed her friendship and ability as a counselor (mostly her friendship). Woven into the life of the Kilbourn is that of Deputy Emilia Cruz seeking justice for all those who were ever wronged. But Emilia is facing her own tragedy. Her husband, Roger, was injured over a year ago in an accident while fighting a fire. His entire personality changed which is causing problems to mount both in their marriage and with their daughter Tally.

qt: "The silence swam around her. Growing up, when anything had to be done in the basement, her father had taken care of it." More Than We Remember: A Novel by Christina Suzann Nelson

What Did I Think? 

As if you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed reading More Than We Remember. It had beautifully written passages which made the town and people come to life. I also felt like I could really connect to the individuals as they struggled to trust God during their difficult times. Some of them were returning to their church and others were slowly accepting help from new and old friends. All these little pieces of the lives of the characters really connected them to mine.

So if you like Contemporary Christian Fiction, I recommend More Than We Remember. It is an emotional read with an uplifting ending. Now I am off to read more by Christina Suzann Nelson.

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