Thursday, June 18, 2020

Homeschooling Resources: Mathematics

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One of the subjects that many struggle with is mathematics. Whether you had trouble with the subject yourself or you came to it naturally you may wonder, "Just how will I teach math in my homeschool?" Fortunately, there are many resources from full curriculum products to products that help your children, whether you homeschool or not, practice key skills.

Full Mathematics Curriculum Choices 

text: Homeschooling Resources: Mathematics; Practice important math skills online & offline; background image of graph paperIf you prefer an online curriculum, CTCMath is an excellent choice. We received a free yearly membership to the online math curriculum for our three children as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. Our daughter has completed the kindergarten level while our younger son is finishing up the first-grade work by completing the semester reviews. Our 11th-grade son was using CTCMath for Algebra II. Each lesson is very similar in that there are short videos to teach a concept and then questions online (or offline for the older students) to be completed to show mastery of the concept. One of my favorite parts is that our children can move between courses and topics as they discover work is too easy or too difficult for them to complete. I love the flexibility of CTCMath.

Another place where homeschooling parents can turn to for full math curriculum is There are 29 math courses (at the time of the publication of this post) which range from full-year courses like Stretching Higher with Third Grade Math to short courses like Decimal Workshop that focus on specific skills your child will need in their homeschool career. The math courses at range from courses with video lessons to ones with text-focused courses. So there is flexibility there, as well.

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Help For Students 

There are numerous online math programs that can help children of all ages focus on specific math skills or just review basic mathematical concepts. Our family has been blessed with reviewing quite a few including (links to my reviews are through the name of the program):

  • Mathseeds - An online program offered through Reading Eggs with workbooks you can purchase if you prefer to work on math offline. 
  • Math Shed - An online resource that allows your children to focus upon number bonds, addition, subtraction, and more.
  • Matific Galaxy - An online resource where children work through different planets reviewing time, money, addition, subtraction, and more. Our children had access to the desktop and app version of Matific Galaxy during our review. 
  • Page A Day Math - A series of workbooks (or worksheets you print if you prefer to order the digital workbooks) that focus upon addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division depending upon which kit you purchase. The goal of Page A Day Math is to improve math fact fluency. 

Our children have enjoyed all four of the programs I mentioned above. I really like that with Mathseeds and Page A Day Math, our children can work on their math skills offline with workbooks. With both Math Shed and Matific Galaxy, our children feel like they are playing games rather than just working on building their math skills.

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What Resources Do You Use in Your Homeschool to Teach Math? 

In addition to the resources I already highlighted, we have used material from IXL, I Know It, Channie's Neat Numbers, The Critical Thinking Co.™, and more to work on mathematics in our homeschool. There are so many options available for homeschooling families which is the beauty of homeschooling – multiple curriculum choices and quite a lot of flexibility in using them.


  1. My youngest daughter loves Page a Day math!

  2. I like how you compiled multiple math resources. We love PAD math!

  3. One of my favorite subjects is math! Loves seeing all the different math curriculums.