Friday, July 1, 2016

Crafts: Fourth of July Hand-Print Fireworks

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I discovered this really cute idea from Learn Create Love and decided to try it out with my three children. I used construction paper and pony beads we already had on hand.



1. Gather all your materials.

2. First, I traced my two littles' hands and I asked my stepson to trace his own hands.  Looking back I would trace each child's hands onto different colored paper (red, white, and blue).

3. Then I glued them down onto black construction paper to create a firework effect after cutting them out.  By cutting them out, I was able to trim and shape the hand-prints where my two littles moved when I was tracing them.

4. Then my son glued beads onto them.  We did this instead of glitter because I am not a fan of glitter. It gets EVERYWHERE! 

5. The finished product - all ready to hang up when it dries. 

Do you have a favorite craft to do around the Fourth of July? 

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  1. What a neat idea for a whole family to do together to make a cool patriotic project. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. Your post was featured this week.