Friday, October 25, 2019

A Wonderful Shopping Option for Homeschool Families

When looking for somewhere to purchase homeschool curriculum or materials for your homeschool, there are so many choices that shopping might seem a bit daunting. We were fortunate enough to discover Timberdoodle Co, a family-owned company that started in 1985 to help homeschooling families.  The special emphasis of Timberdoodle is a focus on hands-on and thinking-skills products that kids will love and learn from, too.

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When family asked if they could purchase a gift certificate for a homeschooling company to help us purchase needed materials for our homeschooling journey, I thought of several options but settled upon Timberdoodle. I had already made a purchase from Timberdoodle with which I was quite happy. So, I suggested their company.

As we are a family that reviews products and shares them on our blog, I knew that purchasing an entire curriculum package was not what we needed from Timberdoodle. (Although their packages look AWESOME and I would love to purchase one in the future.) I was able to get materials and items for every member of the family from our four-year-old daughter to my husband and myself.

What Did We Purchase

We purchased both curriculum items and items that might be considered just for fun even though they are educational.

  • Batman Science 
  • Kum 4-in-1 Pencil Sharpener
  • IQ Stars
  • Show Me How to Survive
  • Exploring Government Curriculum Package
  • Curious Chef 3 Piece Nylon Knife Set
  • Channie's My First Letters
  • Q-bitz Solo 
Channie's My First Letters

How Will We Use These Items

From our previous experience, we purchased two sets of science books from Apologia for the next two years for our middle son and later our younger daughter. We are currently using the Astronomy book and loving it!

The pencil sharpener is just what I needed! I haven't found a good electric one yet and just needed something to keep with our homeschooling materials. This one is compact and works quite well. Perfect for regular pencils and colored pencils.

Exploring Government books

Our teen is using the Exploring Government Curriculum Package for his homeschooling studies this school year. So far, we are only a few chapters into the book, but I really like how it is divided. The lessons are laid out quite clearly so that our teen knows just want is expected of him each week. I also like that there is a language arts component that is optional. With that, we could have our son read several books that tie into the Exploring Government material.

Our two younger children and myself are enjoying using the IQ Stars and Q-bitz solo activities. What a fun way to work on building logic skills and keeping the brain active!

IQ Stars and QBits solo games

IQ Stars solo game
I love how everything fits nicely into the IQ Stars container.

Q Bitz solo game
The cards, blocks, tray, and instruction booklet fit nicely in the metal tin.

What I am Dreaming About

As a history teacher, I really love the look of Uncle Sam and You Curriculum Package and the Exploring America Curriculum Package. I feel like I can never have enough history books and materials.

I am also keeping the next books in the Exploring Creation series from Apologia in my wishlist as our two younger children are enjoying the Astronomy textbook and notebooking journal.

We would also like to add the other Q-bitz games to our family collection of games. We can never have too many games or activities that promote critical thinking skills.

Blog Team

As a member of the Timberdoodle Blog Team, I will be sharing reviews of some products that Timberdoodle sells and includes in their curriculum packages. In the future, I will be sharing our thoughts about Bugzzle – a game that will assist children ages 3+ in working on spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


  1. I love Timberdoodle! They are always my first stop when I start shopping for homeschool items. So many fantastic products, and their age recommendations are spot on in my experience.

  2. So many options right? My five year old is loving our Channie's flashcards. And I am a huge fan of the Apologia Exploring Creation series. I love the idea of gift certificates for our homeschool!

  3. Thanks for sharing your selections! So many great choices from Timberdoodle!