Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Crafts: W is for Watermelon

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During the summer months, talking about the fresh fruits and vegetables available is a great way to introduce the idea of eating healthy to your children. We decided to spend a bit of time talking about the variety of locally, nationally, and internationally grown fruits and vegetables. This led to a discussion about watermelons.

Watermelons are a vine-like flowering plant that is grown in tropical to temperate climates or places where the temperature remains at or above 77° F. They are red to pink in color with black seeds (there are seedless varieties) with a green rind. There is actually evidence to support its being considered both a fruit and a vegetable. Botanically, it is considered a fruit but it is classified in the same family as gourds and is harvested like a vegetable.


Use this free worksheet to match the names of fruit to clipart images of these popular treats. Download HERE!

Spend some time taste-testing different fruits and vegetables with your children. Please be mindful of allergies.

Start a garden! During the year, take the time to research which fruits and vegetables would do well growing in your area. Plot out a garden spot and start growing your own crops with your children.

W is for Watermelon Craft

Text: Crafts: W is for Watermelon; A Mom's Quest to Teach; complete W is for watermelon craft



1. Gather all materials.

green construction paper, pink tissue paper letter Ws, beads

2. Draw and cut out the letter W. We used pink tissue paper. If you wish, you could use pink construction paper.

3. Glue on the letter W.

4. Glue on beads or seeds for the watermelon seeds - or - paint the seeds onto your letter W.

gluing beads onto pink letter W

Optional step: Paint the rind onto your letter W.

 5. Write W is for Watermelon on your craft.

W is for Watermelon completed craft with beads glued on pink letter W

Bonus for Video Gamers! If your children enjoy Minecraft, you can connect melons to the popular game because melons are one of the food items (e.g., used in potions) in the game.

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