Friday, September 11, 2020

Learning About the Letter K: K is for Kings

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Over the course of twenty-six posts, I will introduce my own simple lessons for the letters of the alphabet. I will provide ideas and suggestions for a week's worth of activities.

When teaching our children about the world around them, it is important that they become familiar with how our country is governed and how other countries are governed. Talking about the letter K with preschoolers is the perfect time to discuss kings and how they are different from presidents. You can introduce many different topics while teaching the letter K to your preschooler, too. Don't forget all the awesome animals from Australia that start with the letter K, such as kangaroo, koala, and kiwi.


Facts about kings and monarchies to share with your children:

  • A king (or queen) rules in a monarchy 
  • A monarchy is a form of government with a single leader who rules for his or her life 
  • There used to be lots of monarchies throughout the world but now kings and queens are rare 
  • A king rules for life and usually his son (or daughter) will inherit the throne when he dies as monarchies are hereditary 
  • In Ancient Egypt, kings were known as Pharaohs 
  • In Russia, the king was known as the czar 
  • Other names for kings include: emperor or royal highness 
  • Today, monarchies still exist in several places like the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Morocco, Jordan, and other places 
  • Famous kings through history: Henry VIII of England, William the Conqueror, Peter the Great of Russia, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Tutankhamen, Frederick the Great of Prussia, Ramses the Great, Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire  

King Paper Bag Puppet

Text: A Mom's Quest to Teach: Learning About the Letter K: K is for Kings; King puppet; clip art of Henry VIII & deerCreate a paper bag king puppet with your children!



1. Gather all your materials.

construction paper, buttons, etc used to make king puppet

2. Either pre-cut the pieces, draw shapes for the pieces and have your children cut them out, or have your children draw the different pieces they will need and cut them.

3. Glue on the face of the king and then glue on the robes of the king.

king's robe and face glued onto paper bag for puppet

4. Glue on the mouth and then the beard of the king.

gluing on the construction paper beard onto the king paper bag puppet

5. Glue on the eyes of the king, draw a nose, and draw a mustache.

drawing on mustache onto paper bag king puppet

6. Glue on the king's crown.

paper bag king puppet

7. Pick buttons for the king's robe and glue them onto your puppet. 

beads and buttons

king paper bag puppet

8. After the glue dries, the kings are ready to rule their nation. 

Additional Activities and Ideas to Talk about Kings

Other Topics 

Australia Animals 

Read about the animals from Australia with several different posts from A Mom's Quest to Teach. Also, check out some of my favorite books about Australia and its native animals.

Text: A Mom's Quest to Teach; Learn about Australian animals on a summer safari for preschoolers; echidna craft Text: Taking a Safari trip to the land down under; perfect summer learning opportunities; background image of dot art emu text: Crafts: K is for Kiwi; A Mom's Quest to Teach; kiwi craft & kiwi plush

Matching Activity 

Download a copy of a simple matching activity to complete with your preschooler. In addition to this matching activity, you can also use old magazines and ask your child to cut out pictures of animals, people, objects, etc. that start with the letter K and create a Letter K Collage.