Friday, November 6, 2020

November Goals

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This week's Social Media/Blog Challenge link-up for the Homeschool Review Crew is November Goals. While I shared our goals on the Crew's anchor post and shared my secret that I don't write out goals, I thought I would like to share some goals on my personal blog – A Mom's Quest to Teach. 

We have had a lot of changes in our home and for our family this past year. I was blessed with additional responsibilities with the Homeschool Review Crew and The Old Schoolhouse®, which means that I am working more hours. In addition to the Crew, I also work behind the scenes with the Schoolhouse Ambassadors program. I love being able to help homeschooling families! 

My husband was home from mid-March, as his job was deemed not essential, and then he was not recalled in July. So while he is trying to find a job, he has been tremendously helpful at home. Personally, I do not know what I would have done without his assistance for the past several months, as my mom's health has declined. 

My mom is officially living with us, as she can no longer live alone. This is a significant change for our family. While adding one more person usually wouldn't be a huge deal, it has been difficult due to my mom's health. There are many days when our homeschooling is completed at odd hours due to situations I must attend to during the middle of our normal homeschooling time. I am very thankful that we homeschool, so we can work together as a family to ensure everyone receives care. 

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My November Blogging Goals 

In terms of this blog – A Mom's Quest to Teach – I wish to continue to post regular content, including homeschool curriculum and product reviews, book reviews, crafts, lesson ideas for young children, history-related posts, and the occasional Bible Journaling post. At some point, I would love to start Blogging Through the Alphabet again because that was a world of fun.

I would also like to grow my social media accounts for A Mom's Quest to Teach. My Pinterest account hovers around 900 followers. I have worked hard to reach that number, and I hope to increase my monthly views and all the other statistics that allow people to find my blog. In terms of Facebook, I would like to increase engagement, but that is not an easy task. 

I would also like to spend time hosting guest posts and also guest-posting on other homeschool bloggers' blogs. Hosting guests' posts might be an easier goal as I will only need to seek others to write for me. Guest-posting on others' homeschool blogs will require me to seek bloggers to write for and to then write those posts. Both could be time-consuming but well worth it.

My Reading Goals 

I am not going to reach my goal of reading 100 books this year at all. With the library being closed for so long, it has not been easy to find books or to make time for reading. I hope to finish my A to Z Reading for this year, but only time will tell. I only have seven books left to read, so it may happen! 

One thing I always make time to read is The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine! You can give a gift subscription to your homeschooling friends this Christmas season. Click through the image to find out all the details (affiliate link). 

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  1. We have not had to bring an ailing parent to live with us....yet. My mom's health is also declining. Fortunately my brother and sister live with her. She wouldn't be able to handle the fact we still have six kids at home that need my attention. Praying for your family as you handle this new transition.

  2. My folks won't consider moving in because as they say how can you put all our stuff into one room? But they are very independent still

    1. Unfortunately, my mom did not have much choice due to many reasons.