Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dice, Decks, and Boards: Koala Capers

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Another educational and fun game from Educational Insights is Koala Caper – a game of patterns, matching, and world travel. Perfect for ages 3 and up, Koala Capers helps build pattern recognition, observation skills, and good sportsmanship.

What Do You Get?

Your game box contains 4 koala cards with plastic raised koala faces, 20 outfit cards, 1 jumbo pattern die, and 1 jumbo outfit die. Two to four players will roll both dice and pick an outfit for their koala that matches the pattern and outfit dice. The first player to dress their koala with five outfit cards wins!

The box itself for Koala Capers is colorful with the koalas packing to travel around the world. There are 'stickers' from around the world on the box which allows you to talk about geography with your children.

The directions are provided in English (printed on the lid of Koala Capers and on a pamphlet) with the following three printed on enclosed pamphlet: Spanish, French, and German. The directions include the basic "how to play" instructions and a bonus memory game.

The outfit cards are laminated cardboard and could be bent or torn but a child would have to try to destroy them.

In general, I think the game will stand up to average play by our three- and five-year-olds.

Other Gaming Ideas 

Using the outfit cards, you and your children pick one card and look up where the person wearing it is from in the world. For example, there is an outfit for a "beefeater" or yeoman warder. There are also cards for a cowboy and one exploring the poles.

Using the dice, your children could design clothing. Roll the outfit die to see which piece of clothing your children will be designing. Then either using a template or asking your child to draw the clothing, roll the pattern die. Using the pattern that is rolled, your children can decorate the outfit.

Looking for a cute Koala Craft? 

Learn about Australian Animals on a Summer Safari for Preschoolers – there are several crafts and lots of cool facts for your little ones. 

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  1. Oh, this is awesome! I didn't know they had come out with a new version. My kids loved Raccoon Rumpus.
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  2. My kids love this game! So glad to see you sharing it. :)