Thursday, April 25, 2019

May Writing Prompts: Are there flowers in your garden?

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So April showers are supposed to bring May flowers? Is that the case? Well, perhaps you wish to spend some time outside working on language arts or journaling to enjoy those blooming flowers. Why not download and print this free May Writing Prompt worksheet? Or maybe you could spend the early evening writing a new short story using the three photo prompts provided?

Finding a quick activity for language arts does not have to be difficult. Grab your free download today and start your children writing!

Photo Prompts 

family hiking


Writing Prompts 

Looking for more to do this spring?

Why not play a board game, read a book, or listen to an audio drama outside?

Need our past writing prompts? Click the images for the links! 

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  1. I sure hope April showers will bring May flowers.. we've had so much rain and I am ready to see those blooms.