Thursday, December 24, 2020

Favorite Christian Christmas Songs

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'Tis the season to start playing Christmas music. There is a great variety of Christmas music available to purchase and many places from which you can stream your favorite Carolers. We use a variety of digital methods to listen to our favorite Christmas songs – both Christian and holiday-themed – as well as the less traditional way of listening using CDs and – gasp – even cassette tapes on the rare occasion. Over the years, my Grandmom had collected a great variety of Christmas cassette tapes and then CDs, all of which I inherited. My husband also has a large collection of Christmas music, so there are many favorites among our collection. 

O Come All Ye Faithful 

I have enjoyed this song for many years. It was the first song sung by the senior choir at my high school as we entered the auditorium holding light-up candles. We would sing the first verse in Latin as we walked down the aisles, continue on to sing the first verse again in English, before moving onto the second verse. By then, we were all on the stage and ready to sing the next song. We never really sang many traditional Christmas songs – religious or secular – beyond a few. Our choir director always picked obscure songs from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance for us to sing. So, this one was a particular favorite of mine. 

What Child Is This? 

This was a favorite song of my mom's. Knowing this, I learned how to play it on the electric organ that my Grandmom had at her house. It was one of those instruments for which the books had the keys numbered and not actually listed by the real notes. So, all my practice learning how to play it did not translate to anything else. 

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It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 

Can I share a secret? I love singing this song, too. There is something about the way the music swells that stirs my heart. Whether I am listening to Frank Sinatra sing about the angels singing or I am enjoying Ella Fitzgerald sing about peace on the earth, I enjoy the melody and message behind this beautiful Christmas song.

The First Noel 

I particularly love the way in which this song captures the story of Christmas. Whether Jesus was actually born on a cold winter night or not, the imagery of the birth of the King of Israel is stunning. As I write this post, I am listening to Pat Boone, Frank Sinatra, and Andy Williams all sing their own versions of this classic Christmas song. Do you have a favorite artist who sings The First Noel? 

Silent Night 

Lastly, I want to include Silent Night on my list of favorite Christian Christmas songs. I would love to think that the night of Jesus' birth was silent and calm. As a mom, it is wonderful to recall those first hours after the birth of my own children. Even though there was so much going on, there was a special calm. I love that heavenly hosts helped to announce the birth of Christ the Savior.  I am so thankful that Jesus was born. 

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Wishing You a Merry Christmas 

I hope that no matter what your favorite Christmas songs may be – whether you prefer traditional artists, classical versions, instrumental versions, or maybe modernized, rock versions of Christmas Carols – that you have a very joyous holiday season as you listen to your favorite songs. As we approach the New Year, I hope that you have a wonderful time with your family. 

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