Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Learning about the Alphabet: C is for Construction

Construction vehicles

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Over the course of twenty-six posts, I will introduce my own simple lessons for the letters of the alphabet. I will provide enough ideas and suggestions for a week's worth of activities.

For the letter C, we focused upon Construction. 

construction vehicle

Coloring Pages

Coloring.WS from DLTK's Construction Vehicle Coloring Pages
Super Coloring's Construction Vehicle Coloring Pages 


Letter C Craft

Sensory play with beans and cars

Painting a fire truck


Our neighbors recently had their driveway removed and repaved, which prompted my son to ask lots of questions about the equipment and construction in general on our walk to the library. He went to the library hoping to find books about Bob the Builder, but sadly our library doesn't have any about this famous TV contractor. Our librarian did pull out a half-dozen books on construction including Bulldozers by Jean Eick.  My son looked over the book selection and chose two (this one and One Big Bulldozer by Michael Dahl).

Bulldozers bookWe both enjoyed Eick's Bulldozers book with the many photographs, explanations, and definitions.  The book explores what constitutes a bulldozer, how they are used, the different parts, and tools -- as well as how they are used worldwide. 

Bulldozers teaches its readers several things in addition to facts about the construction vehicle. One can learn mathematics when Eick discusses the weight and height and geography with the inclusion of the world map when reading "Where in the world can you find a bulldozer?"

I would recommend this book to families of budding contractors from preschool to early elementary-aged children. We will also be looking for the others in the series. 

Featured Shape 

As so many construction vehicles have a rectangle as a base for the truck, practicing drawing rectangles this week is perfect. 

For example, when I sketched a fire truck for my children to color, I used three rectangles along with three circles and a trapezoid. 

Fire truck drawing

Crafty-Crafted.com has a Basic Shapes Dump Truck Craft that is perfect for this week! 



Make a dump truck-themed cake to share. Your kids will love to help not only with the decorating but also with the eating of the cake!


My kids love Melissa and Doug puzzles. They received this construction-themed one for Christmas. 

Construction puzzle

Painting with Trucks 

Use some of your children's older trucks and cars to paint. Run the trucks through paint on a tray and have them make tracks on paper.  If you use large paper, you can even turn it into wrapping paper for a party when it dries. 

Other Topics


There are so many possibilities to teach children about colors. Here a few fun ones to try with your children. 

Create a chameleon and talk about camouflage. 

Learn about color mixing with ice cubes.

Enjoy a rainbow salad with your children. 


Kindergarten Worksheets and Games Alphabet Resources 
Tots and Me..Growing Up Together's R is for Rice and Rainbow Sensory Fun 

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  1. So many fun ideas for construction! Even though we are past needing to learn the alphabet (I miss those days), I'm thinking my son would have a blast with some of these ideas.
    Thank you so much for including some of my posts. And thank you for linking up on Littles Learning Link Up. This post is one of this week's featured posts!

    1. I am so glad I was able to include your great ideas. I can't wait till me kids start to eat a larger variety so we can have a rainbow salad.

  2. This looks like lots of fun! My four year old wants to learn his letters this year so I'm going to have to follow along for some ideas.