Thursday, February 15, 2018

Q is for Questions (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

My life is full of questions; some of which I never thought I would ask (or hear!) before I had children.

My children have asked some interesting, unusual, and sometimes cute questions of me. 

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"Do you mean we get to have Christmas again this year?"
"Can I have chocolate? I finished my breakfast."

"Why did I get a cup?!?"
(in reference to a gift)

We have also asked our children some questions over the years that may seem a bit unusual -- unless you also have children.

"Why are your feet in your breakfast?"

"What do you mean penne pasta tastes different than elbow macaroni?"

"Did you put the corn kernel in your nose?"

"Are you supposed to put your foot on the table?"

"Why are you eating your applesauce with your hands and not the spoon?"

And the questions their children have asked them. 

"Did you have TV when you were little or did you just play with sticks?"

"When will I be the same age as you?"

When attending church at the age of three, "Why isn't Jesus here? We all came to celebrate his birthday and he didn't even show up!"

Or when talking about Christmas angels, "You mean like Harold?"

My family and friends have also shared some of the questions they have asked their children. 

"How did you get marker all over your face?"

"Who shoved a wash rag down the bathtub drain?"

"Why are you eating a stick of butter?"

"Did you shave your arms with your sister's razor?"

What questions have you found yourself asking your children?  What questions of theirs have stopped you in your tracks?

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  1. oh... I can not for the life of me remember all the questions that my lad has asked. I do remember answering questions about water skippers, and this morning "What part of don't that don't you understand"? And feeling completely lost at his explanation :)

  2. Oh my goodness, the how did you get marker all over your face, body, etc.. is one that is asked a lot around here. Im still cracking up about why are your feet in your breakfast!

    1. Yeah...if I give my daughter markers, I know it will be everywhere but the paper. :)

  3. it's good that you write down the questions and funny things they say! I missed a lot of gems because I meant to write them down but didn't.

    1. I think my husband writes more down that I do...but I try to make notes of the really funny moments.

  4. Life really is full of questions - from our children and for our children. How boring life would be without those inquisitive little minds seeking answers!
    This post was fun to read, thank you!