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From Preschool to High School: A Review of WriteBonnieRose Products

Disclaimer: I received the World War I resources for free from WriteBonnieRose in return for my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information, please see my Terms of Use and Disclosure Policy. Thank you.

Our family has used products from WriteBonnieRose previously as we reviewed them as part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Review Crew (Learning About Science Collection), used some of the worksheets from being part of her email list, and we purchased the Preschool Skills Fun Book as part of a bundle of early learning materials. When approached if we would share the reopening of the store and review another product, we eagerly agreed. So while our younger children are working on the numerous worksheets in the Preschool Skills Fun Book, our teen is using two World War I resources in his U.S. History II homeschool course.

What Does WriteBonnieRose Offer offers over 500 titles to help families on their homeschooling journey. There are so many great resources available from subscriber freebies to resources that cross the subject areas. If you are interested in learning or teaching about missionary work, composers, history, literature, or science, there is most likely something to meet your needs.

science worksheets from WriteBonnieRose
Some of the science pages our son completed when reviewing the Learning About Science Collection.

Preschool Skills Fun Book

There are 105 preschool skills worksheets included in the Fun Book which are arranged into several themes including:

  • Fruit
  • Animals
  • Shapes
  • Construction 
  • Birthday Party 
  • Weather
  • Sports 

Depending upon your homeschooling approach to early childhood education you can use these worksheets in a number of ways. You could use them as they are arranged in the Fun Book by just working on the pages sequentially or you could use them as you and your children study different themes. Another way you could use the worksheets is by using the ones that focus upon the skills you wish to practice with your children. 

Some of the activities are:
  • Color by rhyme
  • Color by shape
  • Color by number
  • Color by animal 
  • Mazes
  • Complete the patterns
  • Tracing pictures 
  • Counting 
  • Dauber pictures
  • Sequencing 

How Our Family is Using the Preschool Skills Fun Book 

This particular homeschooling resource is one that we are letting our children use for fun. When our three-year-old and five-year-old want to work on homeschooling lessons but I am busy, I let them flip through the binder with the worksheets and pick out what they wish. So they can sit at the dining room table with me and homeschool without too much guidance or instruction, allowing me to finish up my own projects.

Our three-year-old usually needs more guidance as she doesn't read yet but she can work on the color by number, shape, and animal worksheets, the dauber painting pictures, counting, and tracing worksheets by herself. Our five-year-old son enjoys working on the color by rhyme sheets and the tracing pages. We have also found it useful as I had the Fun Book printed single-sided to use the back side of the worksheets to practice writing words, numbers, and a place to draw additional pictures. 

World War I 

Our teen son has always enjoyed studying World War II, so I was very hopeful that he might enjoy studying the first World War as well. Prior to using the two resources from WriteBonnieRose, he has watched a brief documentary, we discussed an overview of the war with a PowerPoint I created for my history classes, he watched All Quiet on the Western Front, and he has been reading a book about trench warfare. Adding in the 30 Days of History: World War I and the World War I Research and Notebooking Unit has rounded out our study of this time period quite nicely.

30 Days of History: World War I 

Since we have already discussed some of the events prior to World War I (assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the "blank check," and the alliances formed, I had our teen start using the four worksheets on Weapons and Equipment from the resource. I had originally planned to assign a different worksheet over four days but (as we are flexible in our homeschooling style) I instead let our teen decide if he wanted to complete them spread over four days or work on them all at once.

As the Weapons and Equipment worksheets state: "There were many developments that made World War I a more devastating war than any before it." This is part of the reason why I wanted our son to look more closely at the various weapons, equipment, and fighting styles that developed. By answering the questions he was able to study the military draft, machine gun, use of railroads, aircraft, chemical warfare, and submarine warfare.

World War I Research and Notebooking Unit 

If your family uses notebooking in your homeschool, this is a perfect resource for you and your children. It starts with an introduction that provides you with several ideas as to how to use the unit in your homeschool. There is also a list of 168 World War I battles and engagements, maps, and notebooking templates to use as your children study the different topics.

I printed out the World War I battles by year and asked our son to pick one from 1914 to start his research. Each week I will ask him to pick a battle from the next year to study in more detail. The goal is that he will be able to compare and contrast the troop movements, weapons utilized, and other events of the battles when he is done his research.

Our son also filled out the maps of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa so he could have a visual understanding of the events of the Great War. There is also a map of Australia included in the Unit.

What We Like 

I really like that the Preschool Skills Fun Book is arranged in such a manner as we can pick and choose what we need for our family. So many preschool workbooks or curriculum are too regimented which make it difficult when a child is not ready to practice a certain skill. Our children love being able to flip through the binder and pick fun worksheets to complete. They often don't even realize they are learning! 

Our son loves getting creative with the tracing pages.

Our three-year-old daughter really likes the counting pages.

As this is our first year homeschooling our teen, we are using a variety of resources for this journey. I love that we can include resources from WriteBonnieRose to help us study World War I. I look forward to seeing what else we will be able to use as we move forward in our study of U.S. History. 

I recommend WriteBonnieRose products to homeschooling families who are more flexible and might not use a boxed curriculum. The resources would also be helpful for families who might use a boxed curriculum but are looking to supplement topics with their children and for families where children attend public school.

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