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Studying History Through Unit Studies: A Review of A George Washington Unit Study from Love at Home Education

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Our family enjoys learning about historical figures, so we were excited to review the George Washington Unit Study (K-12) from Love at Home Education. The unit study is perfect for homeschooling multiple grades from K-12 allowing the entire family to learn about the first president of the United States together as a family. We focused upon the activities for grades K-2 during our review period but I eagerly look forward to going back to this unit study as our children get older. 

What Do You Get? 

Which version of the George Washington Unit Study you purchase will impact whether you receive just the PDF or PDF and print version. 

The parts of the unit include: 

  • Facts about George Washington 
  • George Washington's Family Tree
  • George Washington Timeline
  • What was the flag like? 
  • Vocabulary 
  • What's a Surveyor? 
  • Images of monuments to Washington 
  • Recipe of a favorite treat of Washington 

How Our Family Used the Unit Study 

Our son and I started by reading the facts provided in the unity study. We talked about Washington's education, his involvement in the American Revolution, and why he is known as the Father of our Country. 

We continued by filling out Washington's family tree. We looked for additional information on the Mount Vernon website and added in the names of his parents, siblings, and step-children. If our children were older, we would have completed the activity as suggested for grades 3-6 and searched for images of the family to make a proper tree.

Our son then worked on the timeline, which was his favorite activity. We read through the numbered timeline together. Then, he cut out and pasted the images onto the timeline worksheet. I love the fact that the information from the timeline allowed us to discuss more early American history and our first president.

We also spent time going over new vocabulary words. There are different words for each grade and a suggested timeline for when to study them. 

Finally, we talked about surveyors and surveying land. What does the job entail? What did Washington do? My husband was briefly a surveyor so he was able to explain the work of a modern-day surveyor to our son.

A fun activity we completed in conjunction with the studying of surveying was pretending to be a surveyor. Our son took a pencil and paper and drew a map of the area. 

What Do We Think? 

These Unit Studies are great for families homeschooling multiple grades. You can also go back with your children as they get older and complete the activities you did not do yet. In this case, we will be able to to review additional vocabulary, make a more detailed timeline with additional facts, and even look for plans of our town or county to studying surveying in more depth. 

We enjoyed studying George Washington just as much as we did studying Thomas Jefferson and Natural Disasters using the unit studies from Love at Home Education. The unit studies are simple and easy to implement into our homeschooling day. These qualities allow us to incorporate new topics quite easily. I would recommend you take a look at what Love at Home Education offers in the way of Unit Studies

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