Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Crafts: Wonder Woman Paper Plate Shield

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Since we starting watch the 1960s Batman Television series, our children have really become interested in superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Because of this new found love of superheros our daughter requested a Wonder Woman themed birthday party this year so I started thinking about what crafts our children could create to help decorate the house.

We made these Wonder Woman inspired shields with paper plates, paint, and a some clip art from the Internet. 


Please note this craft will take a while longer due to waiting for the paint to dry in between steps. 


1. Gather all your materials.

2. Paint the paper plate red and allow it to dry.

3. Paint a circle of blue on the paper plate. Allow the paint to dry.

4. Print out yellow stars or print out black and white stars and color them in.

5. Print out the Wonder Woman logo and color.

6. Glue on your stars and Wonder Woman logo.

7. Use your shield to defend against evil!

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