Thursday, June 6, 2019

Virtual Refrigerator Weekly Art Link-Up

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What do you think of when someone says, "arts and crafts"? Do you imagine fun activities where everyone gathers around the kitchen table? Or perhaps you see spilled glitter, glue in your kids hair, and tears spilling as crafts are broken?

I admit I have to be in the mood to do arts and crafts with my kids. I struggle with change and need everything to be set up beforehand, so I do not have to run upstairs for construction paper or downstairs for another glue stick. But when we get the chance to create something together, it is fantastic. The kids – especially our daughter – love to create.

To Make Crafting Time Go More Smoothly 

1. Provide a drawer or box of materials that your kids can use at anytime. Pick things to put in there that won't cause a mess – things that you or the kids can easily clean up. Our kids have access to scrap paper, pencils, and crayons pretty much all the time.

Our son has been creating people using the scrap paper - cutting out the arms, legs, and facial features.

2. Use a prepared kit. There are so many different companies that produce kits for arts and crafts ranging from preschool ages all the way up to teenagers. From the Paper Tube Ocean kit that our daughter received for her birthday to a more elaborate rock tumbler, there are a variety of options for all ages.

One of many kits ready and waiting for your kid.

All the materials are separated and it even comes with a glue stick.

We are making one craft a day. This is the cute lobster. 


3. If you are doing a paper craft (like a paper bag puppet or a paper plate craft), prepare everything ahead of time and place all the materials in a thin box and use an envelope for the paper items. I still do this when we are crafting except now I let the kids cut out most of the items themselves.

4. Work on arts and crafts outside!

Sometimes our kids do arts and crafts on their own and other times they need a little bit more help. How do you incorporate art or crafts into your homeschool day?

Won't you join us this week?

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