Sunday, August 11, 2019

August Writing Prompts: Getting Ready for Back to School

For many, the start of August means either starting school again or getting ready for back to school. I have been seeing the schooling supplies on the shelves of our local stores for weeks now. Packs of pencils, crayons, and markers sit alongside new notebooks and folders. Colorful backpacks and lunch boxes with cartoon characters line other shelves. There are so many choices! 

Starting off the new homeschooling year might mean getting back to old routines or starting new ones. Why not start with incorporating simple writing exercises into your language arts time in your homeschool? Or even take a look at them to inspire creativity with your own social media posts. 

Since October, I have been sharing three photo prompts and a free downloadable writing prompt sheet to spur your or your children's creativity. For this entire year, you will find a series of posts sharing writing prompts for your homeschool. And if you are looking to read a bit about history, be sure to check out my Blogging Through the Alphabet history-themed posts! 

Photo Prompts 

Writing Prompts 

Download your writing prompts here

Looking for Language Arts Curriculum?

Our six-year-old has been using curriculum resources from Memoria Press while our teen read Julius Caesar this past homeschooling year using Hewitt Homeschooling Resources. We recommend you take a look at both. 

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  1. did he enjoy julius caesar? I haven't broached shakespeare yet with my lad, next year I'm thinking.

    1. He said he understood it better than Romeo & Juliet from the previous year. I think because it was history oriented rather than just a story.