Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Book Club: The Farmer's Away! Baa! Neigh!

photo of book cover and cow clip art

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If your children are learning about farm animals, The Farmer's Away! Baa! Neigh! by Anne Vittur Kennedy is a perfect choice to add to your reading time. Our five-year-old son thoroughly enjoyed reading the book aloud. He examined each of the pictures and imagined what the animals were doing on each page of the book.

Fun book for your young readers! 

Our son's favorite part was where the dog warned the other animals – "Shh!" 

The farmer is returning! 

When the farmer goes away, the animals have a very exciting day. They ride down a lazy river, enjoy a picnic, go on a roller coaster ride, and more—all before the farmer returns. 


This book naturally lends itself to making animal noises and sounds with your children. I created a fun Animal Matching Sounds page for you to download free. Why not see if your child knows all the barnyard animals and their sounds?

If your child is a little older, research one or more of the animals from The Farmer's Away! Baa! Neigh! with a free Research worksheet. If you live near a farm you can tour, you might even be able to meet the animal in person!

Create a Mouse



1. Gather all of your materials.

2. Either trace and cut out your shapes prior to getting started with your children or allow your children to trace and cut out their own shapes. You will need four circles of different sizes for the ears and eyes, four long rectangles for the whiskers, one triangle for the nose, and one mouth cut out.

4. Attach the ears.

5. Attach the eyes and then the nose.

6. Attach the mouth and then the whiskers. 

7. Display your child's completed mouse in your house!


Download Match Animal Sounds
Download Researching Farm Animals

Looking for other farm animal crafts? 

We have made cute lamb masks, paper plate pigs, and chicks from cardboard rolls.


  1. What a fun craft for little kids! I love book expansion ideas.

    1. Thanks! I love finding ways to expand upon the books we borrow from the library.

  2. Such a cute idea! Now I want to make crafts to go books we read.

  3. I love all the activity ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a cute book and crafts to go with it! How fun!

    1. Thank you - I was glad my kids picked up the book at the library.

  5. Oh my toddler would love this book. He loves all things farm! Cute craft ideas, as well.

  6. That looks like such a fun book! Cute activity too.