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Back to School for the Homeschool Year: 2019-2020

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Our family is very excited about the upcoming homeschool year of 2019-2020! There are so many excellent resources available for families of all sizes and I am very excited to share this overview of what we will be using with our own family. And we are so thankful that we have the opportunity to homeschool our children.

What are the Main Subjects We Will Be Studying? 

We will be focusing upon mathematics, language arts, the sciences, and social studies as our four main core subjects in our homeschool. Each of our three children in our household will focus upon the age-appropriate level of materials and skills focus. Our teen will also focus on photography as an elective as he hopes to make that his future career.

What are Some of the Courses We Were Thinking About? 

With so many different resources available for homeschooling families, what were some of the courses and topics we were interested in studying?

When using, I use their bookmark feature to save courses that our teen and younger children might be interested in studying. I can also save courses that I might like to take a look at for myself!

In other cases, I highlight, use post-its, and fold pages in the catalogs of companies like Memoria Press and Timberdoodle when I see something exciting that I might like to incorporate into our homeschool.  And of course, I also use online wishlists and bookmark websites when I can.

Sample of Course Topics and Titles

  • Botany
  • A Study of Extraordinary Women in the Bible 
  • World History
  • Digital Art and Product Design for Small Businesses 
  • Christian Values in J.R.R. Tolkien 
  • Chemistry 
  • Algebra II 
  • Writing: Advertising Copy 
  • Appreciating the Gift of Music 
  • American History: First Grade 
  • Manners and Health Habits for Preschoolers 

Take a Closer Look at the Courses and Materials We Will Be Using 

You can click on the images to visit my individual blog posts about each subject area. 

From books about events and biographies to using materials I prepared when I was teaching high school history, we have so many great materials at our fingertips for history!

From our daughter who is learning to read using Learning Dynamics and the Fluency Builder of Dyslexia Gold to our middle child who loves to read and is learning about grammar using Simply Classical Writing from Memoria Press, we have so many great resources for language arts. And we are incorporating the genre of books that our teen enjoys reading to work on essay writing and research paper skills.

Science is a subject that can be studied together with a few simple changes depending on the age of the homeschooled child. While our younger son may actually be completing all the required work associated with the Astronomy course we are using, our daughter is joining in for the read-alouds and experiments. And as our teen studied botany this year, our younger children will also learn about flowers, plants, and trees. 

All three of our children will be using CTCMath for their mathematics course this year. I love that everything is together. It makes it so much easier to keep track of for this homeschooling mom.

We will be able to focus upon photography this homeschool year with our teen who wishes to pursue that as his career. And we can also incorporate courses that will help all three of our children become members of our family that can help with cooking and cleaning. These are valuable skills they will need when they eventually move into their own home.

Ready to Start 

We follow a modified year-round homeschooling schedule with our teen getting more free time during the summer. Our younger children continue to complete assignments during the summer but with a lot more freedom to learn through exploration.

Personally, I can't wait to pick out their first day of school outfit and line them up for those cute photographs! Last year we made signs for them to hold and then these were used as their portfolio covers for the year. 

What are Our Favorite Essential Items? 

There are so many resources and materials for schooling and homeschooling that it can be overwhelming. I think the most important items are those that work best for your family. Some enjoy using online learning while others prefer pencil and paper. I find the basics in our home include the same times used for any student: pencil, paper, notebooks, paper, and binders along with subscriptions to important programs to accompany the books, textbooks, and workbooks we are using.

How do you get ready to go back to school? 

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