Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Learning about the Alphabet: F is for Fire Safety

Over the course of twenty-six posts, I will introduce my own simple lessons for the letters of the alphabet. I will provide enough ideas and suggestions for a week's worth of activities.  
For the letter F, we focused upon Fire Safety.

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Coloring Pages 

Mom Junction's Firefighter Coloring Pages 
There is a collection of pages that one can print for their children to color in firefighters, fire trucks, and more.


Tots and Me...Growing Up Together featured this cute hand print craft on their blog for Fire Prevention Week. I have seen multiple versions of it on Pinterest and the Internet but I really like seeing the process with step-by-step photographs.

Tots and Me...Growing Up Together
From Tots and Me...Growing Up Together

My Mommy Style's Letter of the Day: F is for Fire
This is a simple craft that only requires glue, construction paper, a pencil, and tissue paper. I love it!


Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill 


This book addresses many fire safety tips and introduces different facts about a variety of animals. Our children made several flamingo crafts to accompany the book.

Here are some other children's books about fire safety for you to check out!

Featured Shape

Tots and Me...Growing Up Together offers a perfect craft for your children to learn about different shapes while talking about fire safety and firetrucks. What I also like about this craft is that for older children you can have them work on measuring and cutting skills to prepare the shapes to build their firetrucks.


kids art

Fire Safety Plan 

We have set a plan in place for where to meet in case we ever need to evacuate our home due to an emergency. This is a simple activity to practice together with your family.

Fire Safety Tips 

Go over with your children the different home fire prevention tips and practices. Have your children help test smoke alarms, make sure lighters and matches are out of the reach of your children, and practice "stop, drop, and roll" with your children.

Take a look at the following sites for some tips and ideas to share with your family:

National Fire Protection Association Fire Prevention Week
American Red Cross Home Fire Safety

And don't forget to be in touch with your local fire department for additional local resources.

Other Topics


Crafts: Spring Flowers
We made beautiful flowers with tissue paper and glue recently.

Flower crafts, kids crafts, tissue paper

Crafty Morning's How to Make Paper Tulips - Easy Kids Craft 
I like how simple this craft is - few materials are needed to create this pretty tulip. And you can modify it to make other flowers if you are creative.

The Best Ideas for Kids' Toiler Paper Roll Flowers Craft 
These bright flowers are perfect to decorate for a floral-themed party.


flamingo craft, kids crafts  flamingo, kids crafts, masks

We made these crafts to accompany Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill.


Homeschool Preschool's 19 Fabulous Frog Crafts for Preschoolers 
This round-up has everything from paper plate crafts to food-related crafts to teach your young ones about frogs.


Sand In My Toes' Busy Hands: Fire Truck Shape Craft
This offers another option to create using shapes like rectangles and circles.

Royal Baloo's Fire Safety PreK Pack
Offers a variety of worksheets to work on different skills with your toddlers while talking about fire safety.

The Printable Princess' Fire Safety Activities and Centers for Kindergarten
There are many different books, crafts, and ideas offered on this site.

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  1. oh, I like how you pulled this all together. :)

    1. Thanks! Took a bit of thought because I kept changing my mind as to what I wanted to focus on.

    2. I agree Annette. I especially loved seeing familiar bloggers I know on this list too :D

  2. Great tips. I love the handprint craft.

    1. I always love the crafts from Tots and Me. So many great ideas.

  3. Oh how I love learning about fire safety with little ones! Such fun activities. Wonder if I could get my 10 year-old to do any of these with me? lol. Great list!

  4. What a fabulous list of hands on ideas and links. It makes me want to do Fire Safety with little people again. Thank you so very much for sharing your resources and ideas. PS so I can find it again I will be adding a link to your great post to my fire safety list.

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