Thursday, April 12, 2018

Y is for Yes...not really (Blogging through the Alphabet)

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We have been allowing our two younger children to spend more time using a tablet and to play on their brother's old V-Smile – and we even set up an account on the Xbox One for our younger son so he could play Minecraft with his big brother. I think all these "Yeses" to technology is backfiring this week.

Over the past few months, our younger children have been watching less and less television by their own choice. Mostly we watch kids shows on PBS, Disney Junior, and Baby First. So when we watch TV, my husband and I restrict what shows they were and were not allowed to watch. So saying, "Yes" to watching TV was okay when they asked to watch Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Color Crew.

We have been transitioning from them saying "No" to TV and "Yes" to toys, games, books, coloring, etc. during the daytime. This made me very happy. I had no problem playing music while we went about our day. At lunch, we might say "Yes" to watching some videos on the tablet from Jelly Telly like "Aardvark to Zucchini" or "Veggie Tales."

But I have found that I have become a "No" parent of late...

"No, you can't play on the blue tablet."

"No, you can't play on the old phone."

"No, you can't play on the Xbox."

I want to be able to say "Yes." I can't wait till this season in their lives changes and we go back to saying "YES!" to their requests.

"Yes, you can take out the crayons."

"Yes, we can play that board game."

"Yes, we can work on your workbook now."

I know it is a phase... but I miss saying "yes."

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  1. Oh I have this technology battle with my boys all the time! I really wish they'd pick other activities more often too.

  2. And then one day, they are all grown up, and are responsible for those decisions themselves. Wow! That time goes fast! (My youngest is nearly 17...) I hope by now, nearly a year after you first wrote this post, that technology battle is not as intense. :)

    1. Sometimes it is better. At least now some of the technology battle is b/c they want to play educational things like IXL or Starfall.

  3. Yes! (See what I did there?) I know exactly what you mean. I love saying Yes - to the right requests - and unfortunately we've gone through seasons where I had to say No to many of the same things.

    1. Agree...I love being able to say yes to the reading of a book but when the request comes right before bedtime (and they have already had a story....)

  4. I am so startled...your children need to ask to take out crayons? They can't colour on their own? But there will always be yes's and no's in life. Just a matter of teaching them what you will say yes to. :)

    1. I think it is more of them not wanting to color or do anything without technology at the writing of this post. They have gone back to enjoying drawing all the time. So they grab scrap paper and the crayons or markers on a regular basis now to amuse themselves.