Thursday, July 11, 2019

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Who loves stickers? Who loves sticker books? Stickers and sticker books seem to be a favorite among children of all ages and since there is such a great variety out there it is easy to find something they might just fall in love with.

Sticker Albums 

I can fondly remember my two sticker albums from when I was a kid. My mom gave me two photo books in which to keep my stickers (And I also had movie ticket stubs in them as well as a few postcards from my early vacations. I guess you could say this was the start of my scrapbooking hobby.) I think my favorite stickers from my childhood were the "My Little Pony" stickers that came with each pony. Those had a special place reserved on my Fischer Price record player.

Our younger children have two composition notebooks in which they can put stickers. Our younger son is also allowed to put his stickers in a 3-ring binder that has plastic sleeves in it with schooling papers. They put the stickers they receive from the local library or their doctors' office in their notebooks or the ones they receive for holidays or birthdays.

Sticker Books 

Our son recently received The Lego Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Collection book for his birthday. The book has about 30 pages on which you use specific stickers to examine the heroes, villains, vehicles, and places in Gotham. There are also tons of extra stickers so your child can create their own scenes with Batman saving the day. He has been reading or playing with it every day since he received it.

You can also pick up sticker activity books at the dollar store like we have for our daughter. She has one that focuses on animals but there are number-themed and alphabet-themed ones, too.

And don't forget the sticker books that let you place and replace the stickers over and over to create fun scenes. Both of our younger children have had several of those over the years.

According to our son, all the villains but the Penguin were captured.

The Penguin was captured later. He escaped from the police car and Batman and Batgirl had to re-capture him.

Using Stickers to Create Art 

I love that stickers let children tell complicated stories that they might not be able to illustrate on their own, depending upon their skill. So, even though our six-year-old can not draw elaborate pictures with Batman fighting the Joker, he can use stickers to help tell his story.

And using miscellaneous stories lets our children make up fun and unique tales.

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  1. How fun! My kids all enjoyed sticker books, and we often would take them along on road trips because they were non-messy! ;-)