Thursday, July 4, 2019

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So many of our homeschooling courses have a component of art or arts and crafts to them. From illustrating stories in conjunction with Simply Classical Writing while learning sentence writing to attempting the techniques of the Renaissance artists using Passport World History Studies from Home School in the Woods, our children enjoy drawing on an almost daily basis. And anytime our younger two children are bored, they often take out some scrap paper, crayons, and markers and start drawing pictures for all of us.

Illustrations of Stories from the Bible

While using Simply Classical Writing from Memoria Press, our son has been tasked with illustrating one of the events from the Bible reading for that lesson. He has illustrated the Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, Joseph in jail, and Moses parting the Red Sea.

Renaissance Art

One of my favorite places to find history resources is Home School in the Woods. We reviewed them twice in the past. Once we were able to review several fun games like Pirate Panopoly and the second time our son and I worked on completing a Hands-On History Lap-book (Knights). Throughout all of their resources, multiple subjects are incorporated. For example, in our newest review product, Project Passport: Renaissance & Reformation, our teen will be studying art from the Renaissance time period and trying his hand at using the techniques of the famous artists of that time. 

Working with Clay

As part of our studies using ARTistic Pursuits Art of the Ancients book, our son has been working with self-hardening clay to create his own objects from history. He started with making a ice hockey player (we choose not to make the football player that was depicted in the book and video). 

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  1. good to see kids going art, and using a good program to do so as well.

  2. Great job on all those projects!!