Thursday, March 22, 2018

V is for Valiant (Blogging through the Alphabet)

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Being a parent has taught me how important it is to have great determination and courage in everyday life. When I hear the word, "valiant," I will admit that I do not first think of my parenting abilities but instead think of a knight of the Middle Ages.

abcblogging, courage, knights, parenting, valiant, bold
Knights were supposed to be: 


When I think about it, parents need to possess the majority of these skills in order to raise our children. 

Gallant - An older definition of gallant is giving special attention and respect to women. I think that this idea can be applied to the respect children should show for their parents as well as the respect parents can show their children.

Heroic - Pushing our children out of the way of danger - whether it is a car, another child running at them, or just catching them from falling off the chair we told them not to climb onto a hundred times - we need to be heroic to protect them. 

Courageous - Doing what is right, even when others think it is wrong, is one of the ways parents show their courage. Sticking to a bedtime when everyone is letting their children stay up late or not letting your son or daughter watch an R-rated movie when all of their classmates are seeing it.

Daring- Parents can be daring when they challenge the traditional thoughts of society, school, or even family. 
abcblogging, courage, knights, parenting, valiant, bold

Tough - I find I have to be tough in the face of my children doing things that are wrong but really hilarious. How often do we need to turn around or leave the room, because we just need to laugh at the ink-stained faces of our toddlers? We also need to be tough when we see our children participating in sports or other activities where they can get seriously injured. 

Brave - When our children are injured or hurt, we must be brave to not show them how scared we are about their injury. 

Bold - We need to stand up for our children against others who may bully them or treat them unfairly. 

Fearless - It is very easy to be afraid - especially in today's world. In order to raise our children with all of the problems of today, we need to be fearless in accepting this challenge.

If we look deep enough closely, we will be able to find many of these qualities in ourselves.

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  1. I had never thought of parenting in those terms but you are right.

    1. Something I stumbled upon when trying to come up with a theme this week.